Lateral Parameterizations

The following sub-grid scale parameterizations generally yield fluxes that act in the lateral direction.

Lateral viscosity

Laplacian and bi-harmonic viscosities with linear and Smagorinsky options are implemented in MOM_hor_visc.

Gent-McWilliams/TEM/isopycnal height diffusion

Lagrangian mean eddy mass transport is parameterized following [19], in MOM_thickness_diffuse.

The diffusivity coefficients are calculated in MOM_lateral_mixing_coeffs and MOM_thickness_diffuse and includes constants and the [66] scaling.

A model of sub-grid scale Mesoscale Eddy Kinetic Energy (MEKE) is implement in MOM_MEKE and the associated diffusivity added in MOM_thickness_diffuse. See [37] and [42].


A parameterization of the upscale unresolved cascade utilizes MOM_MEKE and negative Laplacian viscosity in MOM_hor_visc.

Mixed layer restratification by sub-mesoscale eddies

Mixed layer restratification from [18] and [17] is implemented in MOM_mixed_layer_restrat.

Lateral diffusion

See Horizontal Diffusion.

Tidal forcing

Astronomical tidal forcings and self-attraction and loading are implement in MOM_tidal_forcing. Tides can also be added via an open boundary tidal specification, see [OBC wiki page](