About this documentation

This readthedocs site hosts the nascent MOM6 user documentation. MOM6 documentation is distributed over several formats and locations with each site serving a different purpose.

Here is where to find particular documentation:

Download, compile and run

Installation documentation is in the form of user-driven (editable) wiki attached to the MOM6-examples GitHub repository. Go to https://github.com/NOAA-GFDL/MOM6-examples/wiki and look at “Getting Started”.

Installation, compilation and running are platform specific operations for which we can only provide templates (as is done in on the wiki) but for which MOM6 developers cannot possibly support since every platform is different. Normally a user needs to know where libraries (such as netcdf and MPI) and compilers are on their system but once these have been established the documented compile process can be adpated to the local system.

User guide

This site provides a high-level overview of the model as well as the API reference (documentation of source code).

The user guide is written in reStructuredText (.rst files) that reside in docs/ of the MOM6 source code. The rst files are processed by sphinx and hosted on readthedocs.

The API reference is generated documentation - we use doxygen for in-code documentation. The Fortran doxygen format is rather cumbersome for writing and we therefore use the C++ .dox files for much of this documentation.

Repository policies

Policies governing how the repositories are organized and operated live at https://github.com/NOAA-GFDL/MOM6-examples/wiki/MOM6-repository-policies.

Developer guide

Beyond the API reference above, developer specific wiki pages are attached to the MOM6 code repository.